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This is a an age-old debate. With the emergence of new development platforms for both Windows and Web in Microsoft .NET 3.5, Silverlight and Ajax from the Microsoft camp, compelling and efficient user interfaces can be built for both environments.

Several factors come into play when deciding. The factors include, but are not limited to, the development time it takes to get the product to market/production, the deployment requirements and restrictions, functionality, resources, training… the list goes on.

What happens if the link goes down? Does the application come to a halt? The Windows/Web decision should not be made into a company policy. Windows applications have their place as do web applications. Each application should be assessed on its own merits before deciding on the platform.

With over 18 years experience in designing, developing and delivering custom business applications, we know that we can help you choose the most appropriate development and deployment platform for your application.

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The explosion of new mobile devices on the market coupled with very affordable data packages, mobile business applications are now more a viable reality than ever.

Does your sales force write down orders and then phone/fax them in whilst on the road to the next customer?

Sales force automation is a common term around our corridors. We have been delivering mobile sales force solutions for over seven years. During this time, we have seen improvements in all areas of this market; in orders of magnitude.

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Devices are faster and have more storage and runtime memory
Device’s operating systems are more sophisticated and feature rich; including telephony automation, email synchronisation and GPS integration.
Development tools unlock the newly accessible operating system features

The key improvements provide the necessary resources to build worthwhile, compelling and efficient applications. Why would you still get your sales rep to fill out forms (that cost money to print), to then call the order in on a mobile call (that costs money), to talk to a person in the office (that costs money) to then potentially make data entry errors (that cost money to rectify). With a custom mobile solution, the rep can scan the order, confirm the quantities and then transmit it directly into the Invoicing System for picking and packing.
Mobile Business Applications have a very specific use that can save you thousands of dollars if implemented correctly with the appropriate supporting business processes in place.

We are very experienced in building cost effective business solutions. Call us to discuss the best options for your business application.