[fancy_header3]Network Management Solutions[/fancy_header3]
[fancy_header variation=”blue”]Build a strong foundation for your business[/fancy_header]

Is your business network organised and running efficiently? Do you have a central place to store your company documents? Is your email stored centrally and backed up? Do you have access to it remotely? Are your PCs up to date with the latest security patches? Is your computer hardware being used to its potential?
Vantage Care is a all encompassing network management solution that can get your network running efficiently and securely.

We have proven our ability in this arena as a Microsoft Certified Partner with both the Small Business Specialist as well as achieving the Network Solution Provider competency. We have the tools, the experience and the resources to provide you with a stable, highly functional and efficient network.

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[fancy_header variation=”blue”]Protect your computers and your valuable business data.[/fancy_header]

In today’s computing environment, there are a number of ways to access your technology. We have installed many sophisticated networks that allow you to securely access your network resources from anywhere in the world. With this flexibility and sophistication comes the responsibility of protecting the business from the increase in electronic attacks. Hacking and phishing are very real threats that face business everyday. One of the easiest ways that hackers and phishers can gain access to you information is through the simple use of spam and virus based emails. A new spam message is born every nine seconds, spam filters need to keep up with these and a process of educating staff not open unexpected attachments even from people they know is essential.
Firewalls are a very important component to any network. Do you have one? Is it configured correctly? Does it have a wireless access point built in and is that access point secured?

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[fancy_header3]Smart Mobility Solutions[/fancy_header3]
[fancy_header variation=”blue”]Workers on the move.[/fancy_header]

The use of mobile technology (“mobility”) in business is growing at a very rapid rate and encompasses every aspect of your technology environment. Mobility allows your workers to work anywhere you need them to, at anytime you need it.
Here are some very real uses of mobility in business today:p>
Secure wireless access to your entire network from a Notebook, PDA, Smartphone.
Email on the go with Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows Mobile devices. We also have solutions available for Blackberry.
Secure connections to your Terminal Server for access to your ERP applications.
We have developed custom mobile solutions for Sales force automation. Orders are captured on Windows Mobile devices with built-in barcode scanners and transmitted directly into the Sales/Merchandising system in the office via GPRS/3G communications. The system also has live-time look ups for Customer Balance and Account Status, Inventory Levels and customer specific pricing.

If you have an interest in mobilising your workers, contact us today for a no obligation discussion on how a mobile solution could work for you.

[fancy_header3]Telephony – Phone Systems and VOIP[/fancy_header3]
[fancy_header variation=”blue”]Keeping people talking – cheaper.[/fancy_header]

We have extensive experience in phone systems for both small and large businesses. No matter how many extensions you need, call us for a no obligation discussion on finding the right phone system for you.
Voice Over Internet Protocol (“VOIP”) is an emerging technology that will see a huge reduction in the cost of making long distance phone calls, particularly overseas. This is achieved by routing calls through a broadband internet connection instead of the traditional phone lines provided by major carriers like Telstra. Many VOIP providers in Australia offer compelling packages that incorporate local calls, national long distance, international and calls to mobile. These packages assist in making a change from your current provider simpler when their packages are all encompassing. With the increased sophistication of telephony hardware, it is no longer a common requirement to need all services to be provided by one carrier. Least Cost Routing (LCR) capable phone systems can “decide” for you which carrier to use for different types of phone calls, ultimately reducing the cost of telecommunications.

We call also have a software package designed to assist you in reducing your telecommunications costs. Vantage TEM has assisted in saving Harvey Norman several million dollars per annum, year on year. Call us for more information.

[fancy_header3]Telecommunications Analysis[/fancy_header3]
[fancy_header variation=”blue”]Know your real Comms costs.[/fancy_header]

In an age where communications are a bread and butter commodity for business to function, the dependence, and therefore administration, of telecommunications services has grown tremendously. The growth in the number and diversity of services requires smarter ways to manage, pay for and analyse all of these services. We have developed a system that can do just this. Vantage TEM was designed from the ground up to cater for services that number in the thousands, that are provided by several carriers and billing entities. Import. Manage. Analyse.

If you would like more information on how Vantage TEM can help your business, Call us today.

[fancy_header3]Web Services[/fancy_header3]
[fancy_header variation=”blue”]Securely integrating systems.[/fancy_header]

Web Services have been mentioned in IT media for several years. This term and “SOA” (Service Oriented Architecture) have also been bandied about. What do these have to do with my business and why should I consider them?
Ultimately, Web Services and SOA provide a standard way in which computers, more specifically, applications, can share information with each other without regard for their location. Web Services have always been thought of for use across the internet. was one of the first webshops to develop a web service to openly share specific information with other systems. The beauty of Web Services is you can expose as much or as little information as you want.

We have developed many systems that make good and secure use of Web Services. If you want to see how Web Services could work for you, please contact us for an obligation free discussion.

Not all services and solutions are created equal. The right solution for your business is a no obligation phone call away. Call us now.